Mad About Pandas goes into New Game Production


Narrative 1970s-style 3D action puzzle game enters three-year production

Berlin-based studio Mad About Pandas announced that it has received funding from the German Federal Government’s computer game funding program for its latest project. Coupled together with support from the publisher Focus Entertainment, the production of the new title is expected to last three years.

The game is being developed by an experienced and cohesive team that has previously worked on award-winning titles such as Hitchhiker, The Great Jitters, and Galaxy Racers. Dan Mayer, author of Hitchhiker, will be the second Creative Director alongside Patrick Rau. The studio is also actively looking to expand the team and is currently hiring for programmers, 3D artists, 3D animators.

Mad About Pandas looks to combine a highly compelling and innovative core game mechanic with the narrative storytelling skills that won accolades for their previous production, Hitchhiker. The end result will reward players with a unique gameplay experience, compelling characters and stunning visuals, while tackling questions about what it means to be a character in a computer game. 

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