The "Panda-festo"

You spend one-third of your day in an airless, weightless world, where you can bound like an astronaut or summon the dead. 

You spend the other two-thirds in a place bounded by rules, responsibilities, and the laws of gravity. 

You’re made to  think that the second place is more real, that it matters more— but this is just a trick that your sleeping self has played on its waking half. 

At Mad About Pandas, we want to make games that feel like the first place, not the second.


Mad About Pandas is an award-winning German independent video game developer founded in 2005 by Patrick Rau and based in Berlin. The studio was originally managed under the name kunst-stoff, a play on the German words for “plastic” and “artwork”. The studio focuses on producing narrative games such as the mystery adventure title “Hitchhiker”, while also working on commissioned projects for clients such as Goethe Institute, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, and Disney. For many years, the studio was focused mostly on the production of games based on mobile devices (iOS, Android, Nintendo DS and Switch), which resulted in titles such as Ubisoft’s “Galaxy Racers”, “The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic”, “Forever Forest”, “Truck Simulation 16” and “Laika”. The production of “Hitchhiker”, however, marked a turning point towards a focus on high-quality narrative games that contain a signature atmosphere of playfulness and surrealism. The game’s positive reception validated the new approach and paved the way for further productions in this vein.

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