Core Team


Patrick Rau – Managing and Creative Director:

Patrick is the creative head and the owner of Mad About Pandas UG (haftungbeschränkt). His work is characterized by visionary thinking, accuracy, high aesthetic demand and social entrepreneurial values. Patrick holds a master as a communication designer and has experiences in a range of areas, creating projects for commercial, cultural, social and artistic contexts, and his role is artist, designer, game-designer, author and producer. Furthermore he is also interested in the educational capacity of research projects and had extensive talks and workshops as a guest lecturer at different universities and schools.

Katharina Lakner – Office Management and Controlling/Finances

Katharina is responsible for finances and financial controlling, as well as for office organisation. With diligent and accurate hands, she not only oversees numbers, invoicing and accounting. She never forgets the team members’ birthdays, and realizes even the slightest dimunition of black ink pencils in the office.


Christoph Ender – Development Director:

Christoph holds a Master and Diplom in computer science and he is also an engineer of realtime computer graphics. He has extensive work experience (12+ years) in programming games for different platforms: PC, Wii, PSP, PS2, PS3, iOS, Android etc. He has excellent skills in Unity 3D, C# and C++ and also a lot of experience in the leadership of development teams.